Today the HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students had the chance to practice their budgeting skills during their Community Based Instruction (CBI) field trip at Publix. Each student received a Publix Gift Card (valued at $18) and had to stay within their budget to order lunch, chips, a drink, and dessert. 

Many of the students headed to the deli to order their Pub Sub, while others decided that they wanted something hot, and ordered macaroni and cheese. Ryan had a great lesson in determining whether the pre- packaged macaroni and cheese was cheaper than the one sold at the deli. After calculating the different costs with Liz Falk, Program Manager, Ryan realized it was a better deal to order the macaroni and cheese at the deli.  

Everyone’s favorite part of the activity was heading over to the bakery to purchase a dessert. Students had a choice of a piece of cake, cookies and/or brownies. Isabella’s lunch only came out to $8.00, so she headed back over to the bakery and picked up another dessert. 

All the students did a fantastic job staying within their budget. As they began to check-out, most of the students decided to do self-checkout, while others went the traditional way and had a cashier help them. Students could not wait to get back to school to enjoy their meal. Stay tuned until next week to find out where students are heading to practice their life skills!