The HDS Foundation is the driving force behind the numerous charitable efforts of the HDS Companies. The Foundation encapsulates HDS Companies’ commitment to pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the communities in which we live, work, and learn by providing viable resources and opportunities that serve Teens and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through community-based partnerships as well as through the volunteer efforts of its workforce community service group, the HDS Contenders. 

A Non-Profit

Founded to provide mentoring services to teens and young adults who have Autism-related disabilities, HDS Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization


HDS Foundation will educate and make available options designed to further these teens’ and young adults’ abilities to attain independent or semi-independent housing


Our primary focus is to provide work-skills mentoring and experiences via specific school-based and summer programs.


Partnering with community resources to leverage available federal, state, and local programs.

About the Foundation

The HDS Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization founded to provide mentoring services and opportunities to Teens and Young Adults who have Autism-related disabilities. The primary focus of the Organization is to promote the development of work and daily living skills, build socio-educational transitional experiences via specific school-based partnerships, and support the post-secondary journeys for this growing population. Bridging the gap that can support the diverse abilities of young adults and facilitating college-level and other post-secondary education will strengthen this population’s chances for meaningful, long-term employment and self-sufficiency. Teens and young adults can be better prepared to meet these demands when they are addressed utilizing a spectrum of solutions. The HDS Foundation supports and partners with various community-based groups, aiming to enrich the lives of this special population by providing an array of social opportunities. These are designed to further develop personal growth and independence. The HDS Foundation is poised to help educate and provide information related to available, safe and affordable housing options, that can further the possibilities of attaining independent or semi-independent housing. This will be done via Private, Federal, State and Community-based programs and assistance.

Mission Statement

To provide Services and Resources to the Autism Community, including the families and organizations who Mentor, Teach, Develop and Support the mission of enriching the lives of individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and, to promote and support the initiatives that create Independence, Employment Skills and the ability to access Safe, Affordable Housing opportunities as they reach maturity. This will be accomplished by the HDS Foundation’s School and Post-Secondary based Programs, Community and Government Partnerships, and Business Enterprise Initiatives.

Board Members

Chairman & President
Cristina M. Gilson
[email protected]

Vice President
Mary Ann Miranda Diaz
[email protected]

Debora N. Stevenson
[email protected]

Meagan Bouscher-Miranda
[email protected]

Paloma Miranda
[email protected]

M. Elena Miranda
[email protected]

Kate Gilson Miranda
[email protected]

Elizabeth Falk
[email protected]

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