Journey to Destination


Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s about the journey, not the destination”? In fact it is, but our ‘Journey to Destination program focuses on the destination too: on achieving goals. These goals may be life skills, work skills, social skills, entrepreneurship, driving or learning to use public transport, understanding day to day requirements of young adults…these are just some of the milestones that our Journey allows us to experience, and all with the ultimate goal of being able to utilize them in a job setting.

The HDS Foundation Journey to Destination has focused on teaching specific skills, such as resume writing, data input, filing, shredding, inventory, researching among others. The students have participated in office settings, being transported from school 1-2 days a week, and collaborating on different projects within a small business. The social aspect of learning to generalize many of these skills, all whilst having fun in an enriching environment, has allowed us to fill this gap with small groups.

The Journey to Destination also aims to create a model that an be used by other small businesses, and partner with other high schools, whereby students can gain real-life work experience at different locations thereby giving them an additional advantage when applying for future employment. Preparing hard working, focused and experienced young adult for future employment in a small businesses is certainly a viable option.

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