To Our Valued Agency Clients

During this difficult time for so many, we are reaching out to you and your staff to convey that the HDS Companies (HDS Software and eHousingPlus) successfully transitioned to a Complete Remote Operation BCDR Plan.  Through the hard work of many on the HDS Management Team and our amazing staff, we deployed this plan in a very short time, with minimal issues, and no down time.  The most important and difficult task was to make sure that we supported our HDS Families and kept our employees safe, while maintaining a full operation for our clients.  I’m proud to say that we accomplished that and more, and that the HDS Companies Team rose to the occasion, as we knew they would.

We know that most of you are trying to support your Agency and your Community right now, and your plans and priorities for the months to come will change.  For that reason, we felt it was best to postpone the HDS NEXTGEN 2020 Conference which was scheduled for later this year.  Our goal in re-launching our 2020 Conference had been to focus on the HDS NEXTGEN Technologies and Services, and the work we have been doing in the re-development of our tools for the past few of years.  This work will continue as planned, and we will re-schedule the Conference when it is appropriate, so that your team can join this effort.

Our HDS Business Team will be creating web-based events in the months to come, which will provide insight into different areas of re-development of our Software, Services and Platforms.  This will provide your team with valuable information so that you can address potential new programs and continue to support your existing business.   Our plans to move the HDS Conference to 2021 are in the works, and we know that the effort and goals of the same will be achieved then.

Technology is one of the many strengths we have as an organization and our ability to deploy that within our organization and for our Agency clients is unparalleled.  The need for remote solutions is critical right now, and our organization can assist you in different ways.  Our Management Team contacts are listed below should you have the need to address your current challenges.  We have the capacity to support your HDS Applications in our environments and help you with any remote accessibility needs you have. Additionally, any on-gong services you might need to support even if on a temporary basis can be assessed, and we will work hard to assist you with those needs as well.  If your staff must work remotely, and you do not have a viable solution to have them access the systems, we do.  We know you need to continue to operate and support your initiatives, so please let us know how we may be able to assist.

Our Agency Clients and Partners in Affordable Housing are part of what we call our HDS Family.  We hope that your organization and family members will get through this as best possible and wish you the very best.


Cristina Miranda Gilson

Abdul Mondol,
President HDS Software

Paloma Miranda,
Sr, Vice President eHousingPlus

Elena Miranda,
V. P. Business Development

Andrew Moffitt,

Debora Stevenson, Director of Finance/HR

Wings in Weston

Wings in Weston

The Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class took their weekly community-based instruction trip to Wings in Weston where they were able to practice their budgeting, independence and social skills.

Students were seated, and as they looked over the menu, they were surprised to find that the menu had a variety of options to choose from besides wings. We had students order chicken, hamburgers, and even shrimp! After they ordered, the class practiced their patience skills due to the length of time the food took to come out; so, students socialized with one another and laughed at stories being told. Once the food arrived, students quickly devoured their delicious meals and finished off by ordering either a cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Once students finished, they quickly paid for their lunch using their debit cards and headed back to Cypress Bay. Even though the restaurant took longer than expected, it was a blessing in disguise allowing students to really engage and practice a variety of skills. Stay tuned for the next CBI!

Cypress Bay BRIDGES Tours the Y

Cypress Bay BRIDGES Tours the Y

Let’s get physical, physical! The Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program toured the Weston YMCA for their CBI trip in order to familiarize themselves with different physical activity options.

First, the class was taken to the weight room to explore the strength training machines and learned how each machine targets a specific muscle group. One of the students, Sam, had the chance to try out the dip machine and feel his triceps start to contract!

Once they were finished touring the equipment and weights, the students then headed outside towards the pool. The aquatic instructor showed the students the different pools they had available for members to use. A few of them had questions about the pool use. For example, Stephanie asked if she would have to pay extra to use the pool or if it was included in the membership fee. Eric asked if the different pools were open to all families. William asked what part of the pool was the deepest so he could avoid that area.

After the tour was over and the questions the students had were answered, they all enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside by the pool. Students enjoyed conversation with one another wondering what everyone was planning to do for spring break. This CBI was a success since it allowed the students the opportunity to practice their development, independence and social skills.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Stop, Drop and Roll

The three words children and teens learn in case of a fire are: Stop, Drop and Roll. But not many know what occurs at a fire station, the firefighter’s role, or the training that goes into becoming one. With that being said, the Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program took their weekly CBI trip to the Weston Fire Station!

As the bus rolled in and the students walked out, the class was greeted by some of the firefighters who gave them a tour of the station. The tour began in the kitchen where students quickly started to ask many great questions which included: “How much money do firefighters make a year? What happens when firefighters are sleeping, and the alarm goes off? How do firefighters know what type of emergency it is?” and more. The firefighters were impressed with the many questions being asked and took the time to answer every single question.

After touring the inside of the station, students made their way outside towards the fire trucks. They were educated about the process firefighters take to prepare for an emergency, the different tools that are used to help people in a fire, and the variety of horns trucks had and the meaning of each sound. One of the tools that the students were able to experience was the heat sensor. This tool demonstrated how intense real smoke can be in a fire and how hard it is to see past it. Students’ jaws dropped at how amazing and cool it worked to save lives. Then came the loud noises… Students listened to the horns used to warn cars to move over and heard the alarm that goes off warning firefighters when there is an emergency. Lastly, the best part of the day for the students was the end where they had the opportunity to use the hose and spray water. The smiles on their faces were PRICELESS!

Once the tour was over, the firefighters invited the students to eat lunch with them where they enjoyed their delicious meals over great conversations. This CBI focused on the class’ resources and socialization skills and had to be one of the students’ favorite CBI trips. Stay tuned for the next CBI!



The B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students from the Bay made their way to Housing Development Services, Inc. in Weston for their weekly Community Based Instruction trip. This visit gave students and teachers the opportunity to learn more about the different options students can take as they transition from high school to their post-secondary journey.

HDS’ CEO, Cristina Miranda Gilson, welcomed students as they walked in via Skype on the TV. She gave the class background information about our Toolbox for Success and what is needed in their own toolbox as they begin their transitional journey.
After Cristina spoke with the class, HDS Foundation members Liz Falk and Meagan Bouscher introduced our special guests, Mr. Anthony Jacquette and Ms. Donnet Golaub. Mr. Jacquette is a Graphic Designer while Ms. Golaub is the Coordinator of the Access Plus Program at Nova Southeastern University. Both speakers spoke about their career paths, what their job entailed, and gave some advice to the students. Students showed great interests to both our guests, asking many questions about their jobs.

Ms. Golaub emphasized how important it was for the students to do simple tasks independently as they prepare to transition out of high school. For example, picking out their clothes, doing their homework, basic hygiene etc. HDS Senior Vice President of Services, Paloma Miranda chimed in asking the students if they set their alarm before going to bed, if they fixed their own breakfast in the morning, and if they did chores around the house. Students proudly raised their hands showing that they do indeed complete these tasks independently.
After the guest presentations, the students enjoyed a yummy lunch from Publix along with dessert. This CBI was an eye opener for B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students as they learned a lot about the process in preparation for their next step whether that is college life, job market, etc. As a bonus, students were able to incorporate their resource, independence, and social skills at this event! HDS loves having the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class visit our office! 😊