ASDY-Tech Employee Pilot Program

ASDY-Tech Employee Pilot Program

On June 18, 2018, ASDY-Tech launched in Weston, Florida. A division of the HDS Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, ASDY-Tech was initiated to provide training and potential employment to young adults with Autism and related Disabilities. The pilot program of ASDY-Tech is a collaboration with eHousingPlus for their Digital Docs project. This project supports the transition of workflow deliveries from paper to digital format.  

The ASDY-Tech employees are responsible to prepare, scan, and upload files into the Digital Docs system. To help find the most suited individuals for this project, ASDY-Tech enlisted the help of the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF). The first step was the DMF sent out their employees, Samantha and Davika, to the HDS Foundation headquarters to observe and discuss the ASDY-Tech employee environment and to see what the employees would be required to do. HDS Companies wanted to provide a sensitivity training to their employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and they contacted UM-NSU Card for their assistance. A visit from Debora Chin, a specialist at UM-NSU CARD, followed. Debora trained all HDS employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and she trained the employees on how they could make the experience of the ASDY-Tech employees better. Ultimately, 4 young gentlemen were hired into the program: Zach, Gabriel, Marco, and Miguel. The DMF team stayed with these employees during their first month to ensure a smooth transition into their jobs. Each of these ASDY-Tech employees has strengths and areas that they want to improve upon, but their integrity and determination make them shining employees. Here is what each of them has to say about what the ASDY-Tech program means to them:   

“Working with HDS is a great way to spend the summer. Working here is satisfying and fun; I would not trade anything for this job opportunity”   —  Zachary 

“My favorite part about working at HDS is the people. Everyone here just manages to brighten my day and the environment makes me calm and collected.”     —  Gabriel 

“1)  The job is very fun. 2)  The job is very easy. 3)  I met all of my co-workers and they were funny and polite.”    —  Marco 

“My work experience…so far my job at HDS is wonderful. The favorite part about it is uploading. The least favorite part is prepping.”    —  Miguel 

The HDS Foundation looks forward to more projects and other opportunities for these awesome ASDY-Tech employees. If you have questions about ASDY-Tech or how a company or organization could benefit from this program, contact Carla Otiniano, Program Manager of HDS Foundation, at or via phone at 954-217-9597 ext. 259. 


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NICO – Best Year of My Life

NICO – Best Year of My Life

On June 21st of 2017, I started working at a company in Weston known as Housing and Development Software as a paid intern, which marked the beginning of the best year of my life. Unlike most businesses, the employees are specially trained to interact with coworkers on the autism spectrum like me. Thats because the CEO of the company, the wonderful Mrs. Cristina Gilson, has an equally wonderful daughter named Kate who also happens to be autistic. This inspired her to create an organization within HDS dedicated to helping autistic people find work, succeed, and so on. At first, my responsibilities at HDS were a bit limited, having to only do tasks such as cleaning the break room and occasionally move boxes around. But as the months passed, I gained more experience and my tasks become more diverse and challenging, ranging from scanning files onto the office database to pulling various folders for corresponding cases. Also, Ive developed strong friendships with many of my coworkers, including my superiors Carla and Erin, who happen to be Mrs. Cristinas right hand women. Theyve been very supportive of me, making sure I wasnt too overwhelmed by the workload they presented to me while also helping me improve myself as an employee. And likewise, Ive provided my coworkers with the same level of support and acceptance theyve shown me out of gratitude for welcoming me with open arms. Im so lucky to have been a part of the HDS family for a whole year now, and here are the reasons why: 


  1. Friendships stronger than Spielberg and Kubrick working together on A.I. 
  2. More optimism than Eddie Murphy after Adventures of Pluto Nash 
  3. A more thrilling environment than Alone in the Dark 
  4. A richer history than Assassins Creed 
  5. A stronger group infrastructure than the Yautja in Alien vs Predator 
  6. Female coworkers more beautiful than Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire 
  7. Paychecks so generous they make me feel like Batman 
  8. The employees love coffee like vampires love blood in Bram Stokers Dracula 
  9. Protection of par with Captain Americas shield 
  10. Like Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian, they make and underdog like me feel important 
  11. They never turn a blind eye to a problem like Daredevil 
  12. The people there are so nice that Ghost Rider doesnt even have to look at them to deem them innocent 
  13. Theyre physically strong like the Hulk 
  14. Theyre mentally strong like Iron Man 
  15. Theyre better ruler enforcers than Judge Dredd and RoboCop combined 
  16. Theyre wiser than the Oracle the The Matrix 
  17. Theyre more charismatic than Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 
  18. Theyre more responsible with their great power than Spider-Man 
  19. The staff has more diversity than the cast of Street Fighter 
  20. Every day is so action-packed its like one of Michael Bays Transformers movies 

HDS 20th Anniversary Party Recap

HDS 20th Anniversary Party Recap

June 18, 2018 marked the 20th year anniversary for Housing and Development Services, Inc. (HDS). Together its business units – Housing and Development Software, eHousingPlus and 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit, HDS Foundation – celebrated this milestone and kicked off a year of celebration activities that are planned.   

HDS employees all gathered at the Weston office on Monday afternoon for a cocktail reception hosted by the company founder and CEO, Cristina Miranda Gilson.   

To start the festivities, Cristina spoke to everyone about the origins of HDS. She explained that even with being in the midst of preparing requests for proposals, participating in conferences, and delivering client demos – all of which are the basis of the company – HDS wanted to take time to celebrate the company, its employees, and the great achievement of reaching 20 years. Cristina shared with all the many memories we have had along the way taking time to thank everyone for their commitment and leadership.  

 Cristina toasts HDS, “Thank you to our great staff, wonderful partners and clients, and amazing leadership who have helped us make this happen, and especially my family for their unwavering support and love. Today we celebrate 20 years of a company that has been at the center of our lives. Now in our 20th year we launch our HDS NextGen, our platform to great client-centered business solutions that will continue to transform and reshape the business solutions for the Affordable Housing and Community Development Industry.”  

 HDS started in a make-shift office inside of Cristina’s Weston home. Though six people worked out of this space, using large cell phones and dial-up internet, they made it work. HDS now employs 74 people with headquarters in Weston, Florida and offices in Miami, Florida and satellites Atlanta, DC, Vermont, and Nebraska.  

 Cristina also announced another first for HDS. HDS officially launched ASDY-TECH, a Micro-Enterprise focused on the mentoring and development of employment opportunities of young adults on the Autism Spectrum. This NEW team will support both HDS business units, eHousingPlus and Housing and Development Software. The ASDY-TECH is lead by our HDS Foundation in collaboration with the Dan Marino Foundation and their first project and client is eHousingPlus DigitalDocs (eHPDD) where they will provide technology, file scanning and digitizing services for lenders unable to initially deliver digital files on eHPDD.  

 Housing and Development Services, Inc. is a mission driven organization 100% dedicated to affordable housing.  

To learn more about the HDS Companies, visit our corporate website and click on each of the HDS units, Housing and Development Software, eHousingPlus, and The HDS Foundation, For additional information contact Edielyn Walsh at 954-217-9597 x 204 or 


BRIDGES EOY Testimonial

BRIDGES EOY Testimonial

I have changed since the Social/Personal skills class by learning how to pay for my own check when we go out for Lunch For our C.B.I trips. This class has helped me turn into a more responsible teenager/adult. This has made me more responsible because When Mrs. Mansolillio writes on Ms. Rosado’s Board ” Go to Google Classroom: We are going to The Weston City hall, she tells us to make sure we bring our: Wallet, ATM Card, A bag lunch, and phone requires responsibility form us because If we do not bring any of those items, then we will get a bad grade for the assignment. I like when Ms. Gard presents the videos on the projector for the lesson for the day or gives out handouts because It teaches us that skill on Every day, and it tells us the more mature way of how to respond to people. I Thought when they asked us to have conversation with others on A day lunch was a struggle for most of us, but i found it helpful because it requires us to use what we learned to socialize in class and use it in the real world. I felt very comfortable talking to others in the Social skills class this year during lunch because I applied what I learned from the class and did it in an appropriate manner. I felt when we were in groups was helpful because It helped us with Problem solving skills to know when we might get a job one day.

The social skills that I still need to work on is problem solving skills because I usually struggle to make choices independently. Another social skill that I need to work on is Effective Communication because there could be points in which I take breaks during conversations with People and start to Relax and start to put my head down and not look at them with poor eye contact. Another social skill that I need to work on is Dealing with my anger management. At Home, my brother would tease me and then I would start to get mad and start having a meltdown and I think that Is inappropriate for someone at my age. On the last day together, we exchanged phone numbers with kids from the class and to make summer arrangements with all of them. Well, I already started to hang out with Matthew on Sunday at the Hollywood Beach. It is a good sign that I made plans with a friend over the weekend during the late stages of school.

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