ASDY-Tech & eHousingPlus went fully digital!

ASDY-Tech & eHousingPlus went fully digital!

We are proud to announce that, due to the hard work and dedication of HDS Companies along with the assistance of ASDY-Tech, eHousingPlus went fully digital with their internal operations of eHP Digital Docs this Monday, October 15th. The ASDY-Tech employees have been assisting with this new system since June of this year, scanning and loading paper files and turning them digital.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, HDS held “Go Live” parties at both their Weston and Miami offices. Decorations adorned the walls and festive balloons swung in the air, mimicking the jubilant atmosphere of the office. In the afternoon, everyone gathered in the conference rooms to hear Cristina Gilson, Founder of HDS, speak about this momentous achievement, and to thank everyone with not only kind words, but also a few sugary sweets.

All of the ASDY-Tech employees were hired in part because they took classes at the Dan Marino Foundation, Marino Campus. This is a post-secondary educational option for those with developmental disabilities such as Autism. In addition to independent living classes offered at the Campus, students can earn industry certifications. Many students are interested in learning about technology, which led some to apply for positions with ASDY-Tech. Distinguished guests from the Dan Marino Foundation and Marino Campus, including Mary Partin, CEO at the Dan Marino Foundation, and Susan Morantes, Admissions at the Marino Campus, joined the festivities. This was a great opportunity to showcase to them what a terrific job the ASDY-Tech employees have been doing. These employees not only are extremely meticulous with their assignments, but they also help HDS and eHousingPlus to think differently about how to handle various situations. Their input is highly valuable and extremely appreciated by everyone that the ASDY-Tech team works with.

Everyone at ASDY-Tech, HDS Foundation, HDS and eHousingPlus are excited for December 10th of this year when eHP Digital Docs will go completely paperless with all of our clients.

A New BRIDGES Cohort Has Started…

A New BRIDGES Cohort Has Started…

On September 6, 2018 Carla Otiniano, Program Manager for the HDS Foundation, visited the BRIDGES program at Cypress Bay High School. Each school year, the BRIDGES Program goes through a renewal and new students are selected for the new school year.
Carla’s intention for the visit was to introduce herself, tell the class a little about the HDS Foundation , and also what they should expect from the program.
Each student in the class (Cypress Bay High School) introduced themselves. After the introductions were done, Carla stayed for the lesson plan and lunch. The lesson plan covered how well do you know your classmates as well as body language. At the end of the lesson, the students enjoyed their lunches.
Carla observed that many of the former students ate their lunch with a new cohort. It was very nice to witness this. In addition to the former students who stopped by, there were also other students from the school who visited as well.
Carla brought various goodies from the HDS Foundation for the students, who were very grateful. The next scheduled event will be a Bank of America visit on September 22nd.
ASDY_Tech’s Journey

ASDY_Tech’s Journey

ASDY-Tech has undergone some exciting changes over the past few weeks. One of our first employees, Zachary, has left us as he confronts his next exciting life opportunity of going away to college. At the HDS Foundation, we want all the best for Zachary he begins his Freshman year at UCF and we wish him much luck in this and in his future endeavors.

Mario, who attended the Marino Campus which is part of the Dan Marino Foundation, joined ASDY-Tech as an Imaging Associate. Our ASDY Tech employees – Miguel, Marco, and Gabriel– along with everyone here are HDS are excited to have Mario as part of the team and hope you will join us in welcoming him.

Even more exciting news is that eHousingPlus Digital Docs, the inaugural project of ASDY-Tech supporting the transition of workflow deliveries from paper to digital format, has gone from a testing phase into being a live project with many lenders. All of the ASDY-Tech employees are excited to be a part of this awesome project and they can’t wait until all of the lenders are able to go live and go paperless.

ASDY-Tech Employee Pilot Program

ASDY-Tech Employee Pilot Program

On June 18, 2018, ASDY-Tech launched in Weston, Florida. A division of the HDS Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, ASDY-Tech was initiated to provide training and potential employment to young adults with Autism and related Disabilities. The pilot program of ASDY-Tech is a collaboration with eHousingPlus for their Digital Docs project. This project supports the transition of workflow deliveries from paper to digital format.  

The ASDY-Tech employees are responsible to prepare, scan, and upload files into the Digital Docs system. To help find the most suited individuals for this project, ASDY-Tech enlisted the help of the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF). The first step was the DMF sent out their employees, Samantha and Davika, to the HDS Foundation headquarters to observe and discuss the ASDY-Tech employee environment and to see what the employees would be required to do. HDS Companies wanted to provide a sensitivity training to their employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and they contacted UM-NSU Card for their assistance. A visit from Debora Chin, a specialist at UM-NSU CARD, followed. Debora trained all HDS employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and she trained the employees on how they could make the experience of the ASDY-Tech employees better. Ultimately, 4 young gentlemen were hired into the program: Zach, Gabriel, Marco, and Miguel. The DMF team stayed with these employees during their first month to ensure a smooth transition into their jobs. Each of these ASDY-Tech employees has strengths and areas that they want to improve upon, but their integrity and determination make them shining employees. Here is what each of them has to say about what the ASDY-Tech program means to them:   

“Working with HDS is a great way to spend the summer. Working here is satisfying and fun; I would not trade anything for this job opportunity”   —  Zachary 

“My favorite part about working at HDS is the people. Everyone here just manages to brighten my day and the environment makes me calm and collected.”     —  Gabriel 

“1)  The job is very fun. 2)  The job is very easy. 3)  I met all of my co-workers and they were funny and polite.”    —  Marco 

“My work experience…so far my job at HDS is wonderful. The favorite part about it is uploading. The least favorite part is prepping.”    —  Miguel 

The HDS Foundation looks forward to more projects and other opportunities for these awesome ASDY-Tech employees. If you have questions about ASDY-Tech or how a company or organization could benefit from this program, contact Carla Otiniano, Program Manager of HDS Foundation, at or via phone at 954-217-9597 ext. 259. 


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