On September 6, 2018 Carla Otiniano, Program Manager for the HDS Foundation, visited the BRIDGES program at Cypress Bay High School. Each school year, the BRIDGES Program goes through a renewal and new students are selected for the new school year.

Carla’s intention for the visit was to introduce herself, tell the class a little about the HDS Foundation , and also what they should expect from the program.

Each student in the class (Cypress Bay High School) introduced themselves. After the introductions were done, Carla stayed for the lesson plan and lunch. The lesson plan covered how well do you know your classmates as well as body language. At the end of the lesson, the students enjoyed their lunches.

Carla observed that many of the former students ate their lunch with a new cohort. It was very nice to witness this. In addition to the former students who stopped by, there were also other students from the school who visited as well.
Carla brought various goodies from the HDS Foundation for the students, who were very grateful. The next scheduled event will be a Bank of America visit on September 22nd.