Did you know that Amazon supports charities through purchases made through the Amazon Smile program?

You can help the HDS FOUNDATION INC. by logging into https://smile.amazon.com. After logging in, towards the bottom search for and ” HDS Foundation Weston FL “.

Our foundation will then receive donations based on your purchases…it does not cost you anything!!! It’s Amazon’s way of giving to eligible charities. SO PLEASE DO YOUR PURCHASES ON https://smile.amazon.com and help us continue to do the community work we do love.

You can do this YEAR ROUND, ANYTIME you purchase on Amazon.

Remember to bookmark the login:

Please spread the word on your social media and/or to your family and friends. It doesn’t cost you anything and if you’re already using Amazon to purchase things, it’s a way for you to contribute in a small way to the The HDS FOUNDATION INC.

Happy shopping!