We are proud to announce that, due to the hard work and dedication of HDS Companies along with the assistance of ASDY-Tech, eHousingPlus went fully digital with their internal operations of eHP Digital Docs this Monday, October 15th. The ASDY-Tech employees have been assisting with this new system since June of this year, scanning and loading paper files and turning them digital.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, HDS held “Go Live” parties at both their Weston and Miami offices. Decorations adorned the walls and festive balloons swung in the air, mimicking the jubilant atmosphere of the office. In the afternoon, everyone gathered in the conference rooms to hear Cristina Gilson, Founder of HDS, speak about this momentous achievement, and to thank everyone with not only kind words, but also a few sugary sweets.

All of the ASDY-Tech employees were hired in part because they took classes at the Dan Marino Foundation, Marino Campus. This is a post-secondary educational option for those with developmental disabilities such as Autism. In addition to independent living classes offered at the Campus, students can earn industry certifications. Many students are interested in learning about technology, which led some to apply for positions with ASDY-Tech. Distinguished guests from the Dan Marino Foundation and Marino Campus, including Mary Partin, CEO at the Dan Marino Foundation, and Susan Morantes, Admissions at the Marino Campus, joined the festivities. This was a great opportunity to showcase to them what a terrific job the ASDY-Tech employees have been doing. These employees not only are extremely meticulous with their assignments, but they also help HDS and eHousingPlus to think differently about how to handle various situations. Their input is highly valuable and extremely appreciated by everyone that the ASDY-Tech team works with.

Everyone at ASDY-Tech, HDS Foundation, HDS and eHousingPlus are excited for December 10th of this year when eHP Digital Docs will go completely paperless with all of our clients.