On June 18, 2018, ASDY-Tech launched in Weston, Florida. A division of the HDS Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, ASDY-Tech was initiated to provide training and potential employment to young adults with Autism and related Disabilities. The pilot program of ASDY-Tech is a collaboration with eHousingPlus for their Digital Docs project. This project supports the transition of workflow deliveries from paper to digital format.  

The ASDY-Tech employees are responsible to prepare, scan, and upload files into the Digital Docs system. To help find the most suited individuals for this project, ASDY-Tech enlisted the help of the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF). The first step was the DMF sent out their employees, Samantha and Davika, to the HDS Foundation headquarters to observe and discuss the ASDY-Tech employee environment and to see what the employees would be required to do. HDS Companies wanted to provide a sensitivity training to their employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and they contacted UM-NSU Card for their assistance. A visit from Debora Chin, a specialist at UM-NSU CARD, followed. Debora trained all HDS employees on how a person on the autism spectrum might need minor accommodations or considerations, and she trained the employees on how they could make the experience of the ASDY-Tech employees better. Ultimately, 4 young gentlemen were hired into the program: Zach, Gabriel, Marco, and Miguel. The DMF team stayed with these employees during their first month to ensure a smooth transition into their jobs. Each of these ASDY-Tech employees has strengths and areas that they want to improve upon, but their integrity and determination make them shining employees. Here is what each of them has to say about what the ASDY-Tech program means to them:   

“Working with HDS is a great way to spend the summer. Working here is satisfying and fun; I would not trade anything for this job opportunity”   —  Zachary 

“My favorite part about working at HDS is the people. Everyone here just manages to brighten my day and the environment makes me calm and collected.”     —  Gabriel 

“1)  The job is very fun. 2)  The job is very easy. 3)  I met all of my co-workers and they were funny and polite.”    —  Marco 

“My work experience…so far my job at HDS is wonderful. The favorite part about it is uploading. The least favorite part is prepping.”    —  Miguel 

The HDS Foundation looks forward to more projects and other opportunities for these awesome ASDY-Tech employees. If you have questions about ASDY-Tech or how a company or organization could benefit from this program, contact Carla Otiniano, Program Manager of HDS Foundation, at [email protected] or via phone at 954-217-9597 ext. 259.