Our HDS Companies ASDY-Tech (Autism Spectrum Disorder Young Adult Technicians) team joined us for a Zoom “Party” to surprise their mentor, Terri Scharnow. Everyone was so happy to see one another after being in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Program Managers, Meagan Bouscher and Liz Falk, PR Consultant, Rixys Alfonso, and Cristina Miranda Gilson, CEO of HDS Companies and Chairman & President of the HDS Foundation, and  Paloma Miranda, HDS Foundation Advisory Board Member all joined in. They enjoyed a  great afternoon together, sharing stories and laughs.

Each of the ASDY Tech young adults shared what they have been doing to keep themselves occupied during the COVID 19 pandemic. Mike was happy to share that he interviewed for a potential job opportunity with Hallmark. He is keeping his fingers crossed and is looking forward to hearing back from Hallmark so that he can begin working very soon.  

Marco participated in a job fair and applied for employment with an optical company. Although the situation did not work out, he has decided it is best to wait until after the COVID-19 pandemic ceases. He will use his time at home to do some online learning, make YouTube, and Tik-Tok videos, watch movies, and play video games.

Gabe has found it very challenging to find his ideal job during the shut-down. After attempting to find employment over the last three months, Gabe has realized that many companies are hiring delivery drivers due to the pandemic. He has considered taking a delivery job until he finds a role in his desired line of work.  

Miguel has been busy writing a bilingual blog entitled, “Miguel’s Sports Blog.” His blog focuses on sports in South Florida and around the world. Miguel writes the blogs in English and Spanish and showcases pictures of the different sporting events. He also participated in a virtual orientation with Sheridan Technical School to learn more about the various programs they had to offer in the fall. He is considering starting at Sheridan and would like to study Computer Programming.

During our Zoom Party, we also discussed current news happenings and events, as well as ways to stay safe during the pandemic. Everyone agreed they could not wait until things resumed back to some kind of “normal.” Terri was thrilled to see and hear from her mentees and was so happy to see they all had plans of either getting a future job or going back to school to further their education. A next Zoom get together is in the works to keep everyone in touch.