ASDY-TECH is a NEW (Jobs-related) Program initiated by The HDS Foundation, Inc.  This program focuses on providing training and potential employment to young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum.  ASDY-TECH (coined after the Autism Spectrum Disorder Young adults), has been designed as a micro-enterprise entity of The HDS Foundation, Inc, and focuses on small technical projects that can be scaled to address the employment needs of this population, while meeting the requirements of different businesses and persons. 

Every Thursday, for the remainder of January, the HDS Foundation would like to introduce you to our great team members and what they do at ASDY Tech. 

Gabriel told us, “What I do at HDS is a variety of jobs. Sometimes, I upload the information I was given into the database. Other times, I’m given a file to put in the scanner to make it digital. I can prepare the file to be scanned by putting the info where it is supposed to be.”