ASDY-Tech has undergone some exciting changes over the past few weeks. One of our first employees, Zachary, has left us as he confronts his next exciting life opportunity of going away to college. At the HDS Foundation, we want all the best for Zachary he begins his Freshman year at UCF and we wish him much luck in this and in his future endeavors.

Mario, who attended the Marino Campus which is part of the Dan Marino Foundation, joined ASDY-Tech as an Imaging Associate. Our ASDY Tech employees – Miguel, Marco, and Gabriel– along with everyone here are HDS are excited to have Mario as part of the team and hope you will join us in welcoming him.

Even more exciting news is that eHousingPlus Digital Docs, the inaugural project of ASDY-Tech supporting the transition of workflow deliveries from paper to digital format, has gone from a testing phase into being a live project with many lenders. All of the ASDY-Tech employees are excited to be a part of this awesome project and they can’t wait until all of the lenders are able to go live and go paperless.