Yesterday, the HDS Foundation attended the Ask Eustacia – Q&A webinar where Eustacia Cutler, Dr. Temple Grandin’s mother, presented on the topic: “How Will I Find My Way to the One Who Will Help Me Find My Way” via Zoom. Our employees and staff at HDS Companies, as well as Dr. Tara Rowe Director at University of North Florida THRIVE Program, Ms. Kathy Gormin-Gard and Donna Mansolillo Cypress Bay High School BRIDGES facilitators and Rixys Alfonso from CauseMo Marketing were able to attend.

Eustacia created a personal touch to her Q & A session for a wide range of participants, who represented parents who had children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), individuals with ASD, and professionals that work with students with ASD. She shared her experiences as a mom with her daughter who was diagnosed with ASD as a young girl and how she always looked ahead to find ways to help her move forward in life. Eustacia also shared her struggles during this time and opened a heartfelt discussion for many of the participants that were struggling as well.

The topic of COVID came up and several participants shared how they were handling all the safety precautions with their ASD child. Eustacia recommended sharing information with your children who have ASD in a story-like manner to help them understand the rules of being safe in our “new normal”. Since ASD children understand and can move forward with a systematic approach to things, she recommended setting down a system of rules to help your child.

Eustacia ended her session with inspiring words and hope for many of the participants. She encouraged everyone to visit her website, where you will find videos, a blog, and free webinars.