Today, the HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students enjoyed attending a presentation by Robert Diaz, the Senior Director of the Title III HIS STEM ACCESS Project Grant at Broward College. During the session, Robert introduced the students to the diverse range of programs, degrees, and classes in Immersive Technology offered at Broward College. 

Robert brought two virtual reality headsets for the students to experience to enhance their understanding. The first was the familiar Oculus VR headgear, while the second was the Microsoft Halo Lens2. The students were captivated by the immersive experiences offered by the Halo Lens2, which enabled them to explore a whole new realm. 

Robert also shared with the students about the widespread applications of Virtual Reality in various industries, such as medicine, construction, and energy management, including handling radioactive waste. He emphasized that these VR Headgear were no longer solely regarded as gaming devices but as valuable tools employed in different fields to create informative content that greatly benefitted those industries. 

Each student had the opportunity to use both the Oculus and the Microsoft Halo Lens2. They collaborated and supported one another whenever someone faced challenges. Ryan, for instance, assisted Vincent in maneuvering a virtual plane using the Halo Lens2. Many students expressed keen interest in this technology and engaged Robert in further discussions regarding the Immersive Technology Program at Broward College. In response, Nicolas inquired about the program’s requirements since he was interested in pursuing this after high school graduation. 

Robert gladly shared with the students that Broward College is an Open Access College, meaning applicants are not required to take the SAT examination. This information heightened the excitement among the students, who eagerly anticipated learning more about the program at Broward College. In the coming year, the teachers plan to arrange a half-day field trip to provide the students with a more immersive experience at the college. 

A heartfelt thank you to Robert for graciously sharing the information and the equipment with the students. His visit has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and enthusiasm within the HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. community.