There is nothing more American than BBQ! The Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program continued their budgeting journey this week on their CBI trip to Mission BBQ. At this outing, the students not only got to practice their money management skills as well as social skills, but they also learned the history and background of Mission BBQ. The employees expressed how important their mission statement is to the restaurant allowing the students to understand the meaning of the name “Mission BBQ”. To support their mission of serving BBQ for all our loved ones in service, the students were able to participate in singing the National Anthem along with the employees. After the National Anthem, the students went to the register, ordered their food, and used their debit cards to pay for their meal. They’re starting to get the hang of it on their own. 😉 The students socialized, enjoyed their meal, and to top it off, the employees brought some goodies for dessert. Overall, this was an enjoyable learning experience where we were brought into a community-based restaurant and the students were able to practice many of their skills while learning more about Mission BBQ.