The night of May 28th, 2016, is one Cypress Bay High School’s BRIDGES’ graduating class will not soon forget. The whole gang suited up in their finest attire to attend their senior prom. After a pre-prom party of refreshments and picture-taking at Foundation President Cristina’s home, the Social Skills class, along with peer escorts Suzie, Benny, and Nick, climbed into a stretch limo and headed toward the venue. Upon arrival, the crew found themselves among 1,000+ Cypress Bay students, all eager to dance the night away (our ever-jubilant Sara didn’t leave the dance floor once). The prom’s theme, Night Lite, proved nothing short of suitable; the sea of students shone wearing satin and beaming smiles. With complimentary food and beverages, plus a DJ spinning the hottest tunes, our peer escorts found rounding the class up to go home to be quite humorously challenging.

Going into the night, the students seemed nervous yet excited to join their massive senior class. The Social Skills class spent the whole school year developing and fine-tuning social skills, and prom was the perfect arena to put them into practice. The students flourished whilst interacting with their peers and broke out of their shells to bust some moves.

For most seniors, prom marks the night to finally forget all of the hormonal horrors, not to mention homework, of high school. But, for our Bridges seniors, prom served as a celebration of all this past year’s accomplishments and forged friendships and as a send-off to their immeasurably bright futures. With many of our graduating Social Skills students venturing onto continuing higher education programs, the HDS Foundation could not be prouder of the amazing young adults these students have become. This joyous commemoration was beyond well-deserved. HDS Foundation would like to thank all those involved who helped make this unforgettable prom night possible.