I have changed since the Social/Personal skills class by learning how to pay for my own check when we go out for Lunch For our C.B.I trips. This class has helped me turn into a more responsible teenager/adult. This has made me more responsible because When Mrs. Mansolillio writes on Ms. Rosado’s Board ” Go to Google Classroom: We are going to The Weston City hall, she tells us to make sure we bring our: Wallet, ATM Card, A bag lunch, and phone requires responsibility form us because If we do not bring any of those items, then we will get a bad grade for the assignment. I like when Ms. Gard presents the videos on the projector for the lesson for the day or gives out handouts because It teaches us that skill on Every day, and it tells us the more mature way of how to respond to people. I Thought when they asked us to have conversation with others on A day lunch was a struggle for most of us, but i found it helpful because it requires us to use what we learned to socialize in class and use it in the real world. I felt very comfortable talking to others in the Social skills class this year during lunch because I applied what I learned from the class and did it in an appropriate manner. I felt when we were in groups was helpful because It helped us with Problem solving skills to know when we might get a job one day.

The social skills that I still need to work on is problem solving skills because I usually struggle to make choices independently. Another social skill that I need to work on is Effective Communication because there could be points in which I take breaks during conversations with People and start to Relax and start to put my head down and not look at them with poor eye contact. Another social skill that I need to work on is Dealing with my anger management. At Home, my brother would tease me and then I would start to get mad and start having a meltdown and I think that Is inappropriate for someone at my age. On the last day together, we exchanged phone numbers with kids from the class and to make summer arrangements with all of them. Well, I already started to hang out with Matthew on Sunday at the Hollywood Beach. It is a good sign that I made plans with a friend over the weekend during the late stages of school.