This month, the BRIDGES students had the thrilling opportunity to visit the Bit-by-Bit Medical Therapeutic Riding Center.

Bit-by-Bit is a Therapeutic Horse Ranch that provides healing with the help of horses and promotes the independence of those in need of therapy or assistance, such as at-risk youth, the special needs population, and disabled veterans. They also mentor students as volunteers, and provide a center for community involvement. Their Hippo Therapy program consists of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology by using the horses to facilitate the various types of development.

The BRIDGES students had the opportunity to learn about these different therapies and how they used the horses to help others in each type of therapy. The students also got to take a tour of the facilities and were given the opportunity to interact with the horses and brushing them. They were so intrigued and had great questions about the ranch and horses, and the instructors were very pleased with their questions.

The students also learned about Bit-by-Bit’s recreational therapeutic horseback riding, which helps improve the well-being of individuals with special needs, especially in their quality of life. Physical, cognitive, emotional, and social improvements result from this type of therapeutic activity and those involved can compete, do it for fun, or find something in between. The students were also told about the volunteer service program in place for students. Most high school students need community service hours to graduate, and this is a great way to get hours and give back!

The best part of the day was getting to see the horses themselves. The students got to pet the horses, take pictures with them, and even brush their manes and tails. Everyone was so excited to be able to spend time with the horses, and the horses enjoyed all the love. The students and the HDS Foundation employees all had an amazing time. The day was made even more special since Carla, Dr. Sandy, and Meagan were able to attend this event.

Thank you so much to Bit-by-Bit Medical Therapeutic Riding Center for a great day and for showing us the amazing work you guys are doing! They are a great resource so be sure to check them out at: or on our website