On April 4th, the BRIDGES Social Skills class took a field trip to the Weston YMCA. This trip was not only exciting, but very informative. The trip was an informational tour of the YMCA as well as a career exploration for the students to learn about potential future careers. This was especially notable as the Y has a good relationship with Autism Speaks as well as the Autism Community. The students had a great time engaging in the tour and learning about opportunities.

The Social Skills class arrived at the Weston YMCA prepared to learn about their opportunities and the programs offered. The students were required to participate in the tour and sessions by asking questions and engaging in conversations with the tour guides and employees speaking about their careers. The students were so interested that they went above and beyond their required participation, honing their social skills by asking many questions throughout the day. They were so invested in the conversations that they even spoke through their lunch.

Through each of the activities, the teachers spoke with the class to provide feedback as well as reflect on what they have learned. They discussed the importance of the informational trip, not only to learn about what the YMCA offers as far as programs, but about the amazing career opportunities for the students. The students were so excited to learn about career opportunities for them, especially at a place that serves the community with fun activities like the Y.

The class had an incredible time at the YMCA learning about all the programs and opportunities. Everyone had an amazing time, thank you to the YMCA for providing the BRIDGES students with such an amazing activity.