On April 7th, 2016, the Social Skills class from Cypress Bay High School traveled to the Housing and Development Software main office in Weston, Florida for a tour of the grounds and a professional presentation given by HDS employees. This presentation aimed to give these students useful information about the various skills utilized by many work-force participants on a daily basis. Additionally, the HDS workers provided insight into job interviews. They gave their own input about how to best prepare for an interview and discussed effective ways to build a resume. Through these bits of knowledge, HDS hoped to assist the students in preparing for the eventual move over to the working world. Helping them further understand and feel comfortable with the facets of that world is a vital part of preparing them sufficiently.

Upon arrival at HDS, the students got off the bus while Katherine Gilson, daughter of HDS CEO Cristina Miranda and student in the Social Skills class, began the tour and introduced HDS staff managers. This was a productive start to the day, as it gave the class background knowledge about individuals who remain highly involved in the company and prepared those in the class for what they were about to learn from these HDS leaders. Following the tour, the students were taken to one of the building’s conference rooms, where they ate Jimmy John’s sandwiches and listened to the presentations given by HDS staff. Within the prepared PowerPoints was information regarding the job search process, what exactly HDS does as a company and the services they provide, and a variety of hard and soft skills necessary for a few jobs.

As a result of their visit, the students recognized the importance of knowing their own strengths and weaknesses and how to use them effectively, both in and out of the workforce. HDS is glad to have been able to help the Social Skills students feel more comfortable with the working world and, so, more comfortable with their own futures.