On Thursday, May 4th, the BRIDGES students went on a field trip to visit the Channel 10 newsroom. Everyone was very excited to visit the newsroom and learn all about working in journalism. The students had a great time and even got to try out some of the cool newsroom equipment.

When they first got to the newsroom, they spoke to a few newscasters and some of the behind the scenes workers to find out the things they do to make the news run. They learned all about what it takes to be a newscaster and even got to go into the filming room and stand behind the desks with the Channel 10 anchors. The group took pictures behind the desk and with the anchors, and they found it cool to be where the news was filmed.

One of the group’s favorite parts was getting to see and even try out the green screen. The students got to see how on the TV screen there was a backdrop, but in reality, there was just a green wall. The students got to see themselves on TV with the green screen backdrop, and even help green pieces of paper in front of themselves so that parts of them disappeared into the background. The filming crew taught them all about how the green screen worked, some “TV magic.”

The students also got to go into the room where the executives, producers, and directors work from behind the scenes to make sure that accurate news is put out in the best way possible. They also learned about the jobs of audio engineers and broadcast technicians, who make sure we can see and hear the news, as well as the news writers and editors who create the stories we hear and see.

The Channel 10 tour was both exciting and informative, and the students had loads of questions for all the Channel 10 workers. Thank you so much to Channel 10 for the amazing tour and the information about bringing news to the people, the BRIDGES students loved the experience!