This April, the BRIDGES students visited the YMCA in Weston. The students had the opportunity to tour the facilities, ask questions, and even got to try out some of the gym equipment. They learned all about what working at the YMCA looks like, and all the services the Y provides to the community. The students first arrived at the YMCA and met with one of the supervisors, who gave them a general tour. They saw the basketball courts, the pool area, the gym areas and class rooms. They went into one of the gym activity class rooms and got to try out some of the equipment, like the balance trainers which were exciting. They even practiced their squats, getting a feel for the practice room. At the YMCA, they learned about different jobs and volunteer opportunities. Students can choose to volunteer with programs to help students in need by engaging in different exercise activities with them. They also learned about jobs such as cleaning staff, exercise coaches, personal trainers, and management staff. Each person has a very different role, but they are all essential in the management of the Y. The students learned about what each role entailed, and had some great questions about the roles that interested them. The BRIDGES students had an amazing day at the YMCA, and really enjoyed learning all about what the Y has to offer to the community. Thank you so much to the YMCA for hosting the students and giving them a tour of the facilities!