The Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class set out on a quest to Peace Mound Park in Weston where students enjoyed a beautiful day outside working together on a scavenger hunt.

The class was divided into teams and were given a clipboard, a pencil, and fourteen questions about the Tequesta Indians. The goal was to find the answers to these questions around the park. For example, some of the questions included: “what was the name of the Tequesta Chief?” and “until what year did the Tequesta Indians live at this site?” and so forth. This hunt was great for the students to practice their development, independence and social skills all together. Once time was up, facilitator Donna Mansolillo went over the answers to each question.

By this time, the students had worked up an appetite and were ready to enjoy some lunch. It was an eventful and educational morning to say the least! Stay tuned for our next CBI adventure.