The B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students from the Bay made their way to Housing Development Services, Inc. in Weston for their weekly Community Based Instruction trip. This visit gave students and teachers the opportunity to learn more about the different options students can take as they transition from high school to their post-secondary journey.

HDS’ CEO, Cristina Miranda Gilson, welcomed students as they walked in via Skype on the TV. She gave the class background information about our Toolbox for Success and what is needed in their own toolbox as they begin their transitional journey.
After Cristina spoke with the class, HDS Foundation members Liz Falk and Meagan Bouscher introduced our special guests, Mr. Anthony Jacquette and Ms. Donnet Golaub. Mr. Jacquette is a Graphic Designer while Ms. Golaub is the Coordinator of the Access Plus Program at Nova Southeastern University. Both speakers spoke about their career paths, what their job entailed, and gave some advice to the students. Students showed great interests to both our guests, asking many questions about their jobs.

Ms. Golaub emphasized how important it was for the students to do simple tasks independently as they prepare to transition out of high school. For example, picking out their clothes, doing their homework, basic hygiene etc. HDS Senior Vice President of Services, Paloma Miranda chimed in asking the students if they set their alarm before going to bed, if they fixed their own breakfast in the morning, and if they did chores around the house. Students proudly raised their hands showing that they do indeed complete these tasks independently.
After the guest presentations, the students enjoyed a yummy lunch from Publix along with dessert. This CBI was an eye opener for B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students as they learned a lot about the process in preparation for their next step whether that is college life, job market, etc. As a bonus, students were able to incorporate their resource, independence, and social skills at this event! HDS loves having the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class visit our office! 😊