The season of giving is upon us! This means making others feel special by showing love and appreciation. Many get the special pleasure of spreading holiday cheer to their community by giving gifts and making wishes come true. With that being said, the Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful afternoon celebrating the holiday season at Chili’s. The students and facilitators gathered and cherished the moments with delicious lunch, their closest friends, and a special gift from their Secret Elf. Students were able to order whatever their heart desired from the menu, including dessert, courtesy of the HDS Foundation. Once the class finished eating their meals, the Secret Elf gifts were exchanged. It was great to see how all students were happily surprised when they realized who their Secret Elf was and what they had purchased for them during their A.C. Moore CBI trip. Not only did they receive a gift from their Secret Elf, but students also received a gift card from the HDS Foundation to treat themselves on something they wanted. An abundance of smiles, laughs, and “thank yous” instantly filled the room! This holiday party was a fun way to have students practice their development and social skills.