The Homestead Senior High B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Self Determination Class has been focusing on their budgeting skills this week! The class attended their first CBI (community-based instruction) trip to Lowe’s for the Lowe’s Garden Challenge. This challenge consisted of the class, along with teach Paola Papili, shopping for supplies to prepare and create a class butterfly flower garden. Prior to the trip, the students were given the task of creating a shopping list that consisted of plants, soil, and accessories while also stating the number of units for each one. The purpose of the challenge was to make sure their total fell closest to the budget assigned without overspending. When they arrived at Lowes, the students, Ms. Paola Papili, and HDS Foundation staff Meagan Bouscher Miranda worked together to choose and calculate all of items the students desired. The students then paid for their items with their own debit cards, and some students realized that they were over their budget. This obstacle led the students to practice their problem-solving skills. They had to choose an item from their basket to put back in order to stay within their budget. All that shopping led to some very hungry students; so, the class decided to have lunch at Jimmy Johns where they enjoyed sandwiches together before heading back to their school. The students were also able to practice their budgeting skills here as they ordered and paid for their own lunch. The students are super excited as they prepare to beautify their school! One can see the joy in each student’s face throughout the process of picking the items they like, purchasing them with their own funds, and contributing in their own way for this butterfly garden. The HDS Contenders are looking forward to seeing these flowers bloom as well as watching the students grow throughout the year!