Last week, the Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class took a trip to Lucille’s American Café for their educational CBI. The students were able to enjoy a delicious lunch together, while also practicing their day to day skills of budgeting, independence and socialization. At this outing, students ordered their lunch, calculated gratuities, and shared their adventure stories with each other from the long weekend.

HDS Foundation staff member and CBHS facilitators engaged with the students while eating and shared some memorable conversations with them. One of the conversations was about how four of the students all ordered chicken tenders and called themselves the “Chicken Tender Club”. Another conversation included how surprised Nicholas was when he received his Mac and Cheese dish filled with extra cheese. You bet he enjoyed every spoonful!

These weekly CBI experiences continue to reinforce important lifelong skills for these students. It’s learning experiences, such as this, that will help these students live independently in the future.