Let’s get physical, physical! The Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program toured the Weston YMCA for their CBI trip in order to familiarize themselves with different physical activity options.

First, the class was taken to the weight room to explore the strength training machines and learned how each machine targets a specific muscle group. One of the students, Sam, had the chance to try out the dip machine and feel his triceps start to contract!

Once they were finished touring the equipment and weights, the students then headed outside towards the pool. The aquatic instructor showed the students the different pools they had available for members to use. A few of them had questions about the pool use. For example, Stephanie asked if she would have to pay extra to use the pool or if it was included in the membership fee. Eric asked if the different pools were open to all families. William asked what part of the pool was the deepest so he could avoid that area.

After the tour was over and the questions the students had were answered, they all enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside by the pool. Students enjoyed conversation with one another wondering what everyone was planning to do for spring break. This CBI was a success since it allowed the students the opportunity to practice their development, independence and social skills.