On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, the BRIDGES class from Cypress Bay High School visited Lucille’s American Café in Weston, Florida for lunch. The students all ordered their lunch and received individual bills so that they could practice every day skills of budgeting, calculating gratuities, and money management. At this outing, some students found that they didn’t have enough funds in their accounts to cover what they ordered. This was a great experience as it gave the students a true view of what it can be like when dining out independently. Having to troubleshoot and find alternative payment methods, such as paying for their meal with both their ATM card and some cash, is something that they learned can be one way that they can handle a similar situation. It’s learning experiences and life skills, such as this, that will help these students live independently in the future. 

The HDS Foundation is proud to sponsor such programs as BRIDGES at Cypress Bay High School. If you would like more information on the HDS Foundation and how this organization partners with community resources to leverage available federal, state, and local programs, contact Program Manager, Carla Otiniano, by emailing [email protected] or calling 954-217-9597 ext. 259.