Looking for a one of a kind and creative experience to enjoy with your friends? Painting Fiesta is the place to go. The Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class went on their weekly CBI trip to A Painting Fiesta Art Studio in Weston where they had the opportunity to feel like they were professional artists.

Robyn Fisher, the owner of A Painting Fiesta, guided the students each step of the way through directions and visual representation of the steps to paint an owl on a branch. She taught the students how to hold the brush correctly, what color they needed to dip the brush in, what primary colors were and how to get the certain colors by mixing them. The students did a fantastic job listening and following the directions!

Even though everyone was painting the same artwork, it was fascinating to see each student add their own personal creativity to their piece. One of the students, Matt, learned that even if you make a mistake, it could easily be fixed without having to start completely over.

This CBI was meant for students to practice their development, independence and social skills while also giving them time to relax and let loose. Students were all pleased with their artwork and what they were able to accomplish. They were all excited to go home and hang their paintings in their bedroom. The HDS Foundation, along with Ms. Kathy and Donna, are so PROUD of each and every student, and can’t wait to see what they all accomplish throughout the years!