This month, the Dan Marino Campus will be hosting two open houses. The Dan Marino Campus provides post-secondary education for young adults aged 18 to 28 with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are two campuses, both located in South Florida. The primary campus is in downtown Fort Lauderdale, and there is also a campus at FIU in Miami. The main focus of the Dan Marino Campus is to prepare young adults with disabilities for adult life, both professionally as well as socially and in terms of well-being.

At Dan Marino Campus, students take multiple classes a day, usually for around three days a week. Some of the classes students take help them with daily life, especially life on their own. Other classes teach them professional skills out of their chosen specialties, such as technology skills. They also have classes aimed to helping them in their desired future career. These classes generally tend to be their longest classes, and will award the students certification by the end of their time at the Dan Marino Campus.

A great resource available to students through the Dan Marino Campus is the Virtual Interactive Training Agent (ViTA). This is a simulated interactive interview that the students use to prepare for the interviews they will need to have to get internships and then join the work force in the future. ViTA simulates a variety of interview situations so students can truly be prepared.

Students also get invaluable professional experience, as they intern, generally in the two days they are not in class. Being able to have internships not only boost their resume with job experience, but for the most part they are working in their desired industry of choice, and learning skills they will be able to use in the future. These internships are with Dan Marino Campus’s business partners and are a required part of the certification.

Dan Marino Campus offers three areas of program concentration: hospitality, computer technology, and retailing. The curriculum is “designed to help students obtain recognized industry certifications and qualify for good jobs.” Students select one of these concentrations as their chosen field of study, and focus on the specialization until they receive certification in that field.

Student life is also an important part of the Dan Marino Campus. Students can participate in a variety of interest-based clubs, seminars, and special events. Students are also encouraged to start their own interest-based clubs if they have an idea for one that does not exist. The faculty is also very supportive of the students, and aims to make every student’s experience a great one.

If you are interested in visiting the Dan Marino Campus or learning more about what they have to offer, please consider attending one of their two open houses. The first is Saturday, February 11th at the Miami Campus from 1pm-3pm. The second will be held at the Fort Lauderdale Campus on Saturday, February 25th, also from 1pm-3pm. Dan Marino Campus is an incredible program for young adults with disabilities, and the open house is a great way to learn more!

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