For the students in the BRIDGES Personal Skills class, learning takes place off campus more than it does on campus. On October 18th, the students engaged in a number of team building activities, where they had to ask and answer questions about their classmates. According to the teachers the most challenging activity was finding out the name of the classmate posted on their back. They were given four descriptive clues from their fellow classmates in order for them to guess who it was. Many of the clues made it easy for them to determine who was posted on their backs. Others were more challenging but encouraged them to work together to be able to figure it out. Prior to the field trip to Regional Park, the teachers provided instructions on the task that was ahead. This helped insure minimal prompting to stay on task during the trip and reflecting about the group’s success after the trip. The students brought their lunches to the park and had the opportunity to engage in conversations with classmates while enjoying a picnic lunch at the park. These types of opportunities to develop communication skills and team building skills are what sets Building BRIDGES at the Bay apart from other high school programs for students with social skills deficits. Their next exciting trip the students are looking forward to is their Halloween dinner party at Tarantella Ristorante.