February was a fun-filled month for the BRIDGES Program at Cypress Bay High School. To start off the month, on February 6th the class went to A Painting Fiesta.  At this art studio, students are provided the supplies necessary to create a painting with direction given from an artist instructor. Students did a great job following the directions of the instructor, each creating their own serene sailboat painting.  Once finished painting, while waiting for the paint to dry, students socialized and ate their lunches. 

On February 26th the class visited Weston City Hall and the Emergency Operations Center.   Students learned about the people who work for their hometown and the various departments that manage activities around Weston including Parks and Recreation, concerts, parades and 5K Runs.  The students were very interested in the different jobs available and asked questions about Weston’s programs and job opportunities.  Next the class visited the Emergency Operations Center.  This was a special experience as this center is not open to the public.  Students continued their engagement in conversations, this time with the Director of Communications. 

If you would like more information on the HDS Foundation, the BRIDGES program, and how you can get involved, visit us online at www.HDSFoundation.org or e-mail [email protected].