Last week, Ms. Donna Mansolillo’s class had the opportunity to learn about and play golf at Cypress Bay High School. Part of an intro to the First Tee of Broward’s Golf Program, students were treated to a preview of the Golf Program that is starting in January, learning the basics of swings and the greater game of golf in general.

Ms. Donna Mansolillo and Ms. Kathy Gard are co-teachers in a Life Skills class for students on the Autism Spectrum. Each week, students partake in various life skills and social skills activities. These have included: learning about banking and shopping and how to carry out these activities; going on field trips to community locations; paying for meals; and, engaging in activities that allow the class to build larger social and supportive groups. All the events have been seen by all involved to be absolutely crucial in successful skill-building for the students. The First Tee of Broward’s Golf Program, which is one of the newer activity additions, has thus far been no exception to the prior observation.

Although the weather was not particularly cooperative that week, the pros came out nonetheless and the students had a great time. And, not only was it a blast, but the participants were successful in their endeavors, swinging the clubs and hitting the golf balls quite well.  Many muddy shoes and wet socks made their way across the field and into the school at the event’s end, but the smiles and laughter seemed to make it undoubtedly worth it to the students. Several of them appeared to have a natural ability for the game, and hopefully we will see them out on the range soon.

The Open House will take place at the Weston Hills Country Club on December 12th at 2:30 pm. For more information, please contact [email protected]