Happy Halloween! Our B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students had a ghouling good time as they became architects constructing their own haunted houses. Each student was put into a group and were given the following ingredients:  gingerbread cookies, icing & candy to begin their construction of their edible haunted house.

As they began working together to build their haunted houses, students had to work together and figure out how they would construct their house so it wouldn’t break apart and fall down. Teamwork and patience were essential skills needed during this activity, as each student had different ideas of how they felt was the best way to do things.

Some of the groups had their house fall apart and therefore had to problem solve to figure out how to make the sides of the house more secure. Students advocated for themselves to ask for help from the adults in the room or from other groups. The end product was spooky and tasty!

What a great activity for our students as they practiced teamwork, patience, problem solving and self-advocacy!