Students from our HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program visited Board & Brush Creative Studio as part of their Community-Based Instruction (CBI). They each had an opportunity to use their imagination to create a personalized wood design. Various stencils, including those with different gaming controls, travel-related themes, initials, and automobiles, were designs the students had chosen to use for this activity. The students put on their work aprons and prepared to start as soon as they arrived at the studio. Before beginning the project, students followed a few fundamental wood design steps. First, they had to distress the wood with a hammer, sand the sides to ensure they were smooth, and pick a backdrop color before they could start painting the wood. The students then had to use their stencil design by sticking it to the piece of wood, painting over it, and then gently removing it. To properly remove the stencil while preserving the design required much patience. The students also enjoyed a break having lunch together and socializing with their friends. Each student left the CBI proud of what they had created and eager to hang it in their rooms. What a wonderful experience and fantastic opportunity to put Resources, Development, Growth, Empowerment, and Social Skills into practice.