Katelyn is a Junior in our HDS Broward County Public High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program. She enlisted in the U.S. Army JROTC Lightning Battalion in her Freshman year to fulfill a PE required credit, but she soon came to appreciate the program’s leadership and sense of patriotism. So far, Katelyn has received JROTC Badges and Awards for the categories listed below:

• Academic Achievement
• Student Government
• LET Service
• Perfect Attendance
• Service Hours
• Personal Appearance
• Good Conduct
• Parade
• Recruiting

She has decided to continue participating in the program during her Senior year and is working hard to earn the privilege of graduating with her JROTC cord. She put forth so much effort this year that she was just promoted to Cadet Sergeant, an accomplishment of which she is incredibly proud. When Katelyn wears her uniform, she says she feels respected. Her favorite activities are doing uniform inspections and leading the class in the JROTC creed. She also values the opportunity to volunteer and participate in community parades, where she proudly carries the State of Florida flag while taking part in the festivities. The JROTC Formal Ball has so far been her favorite event.

Katelyn considers herself unique and likes vintage and retro things, like pocket watches. She likes to play with her dog Koko, explore the outdoors, watch movies, and eat at nice local restaurants in her spare time. Sushi and mochi are two of her favorite cuisine types. Additionally, she likes to bake delicacies like blueberry and apple cobblers. She considers herself unique and likes unusual vintage and retro items like pocket watches. To her family and friends, Katelyn is affectionately known as “Boss Lady!”

The entire team at the HDS Foundation congratulates Katelyn on all of her excellent achievements; we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!

Way to go, #GirlBoss!