During this week’s HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S Career Series, Alejandro Clavelo, a Software Developer at HDS Companies, shared his career path from college to employment with the class. Initially aspiring to become an astronaut during his youth in Cuba, he dreamed of one day coming to the United States.  

Once Alejandro came to the U.S., he realized that his dream of becoming an astronaut was less realistic than finding a job. So, he began working with computers and was captivated by their functionality and potential. He then began exploring software development and found his new passion. He explained to the students how important it was to keep an open mind about what type of career you would want to pursue.  

During his presentation, Alejandro provided the students with a brief overview of the inception of the computer age and its current state. He also shared his personal experience working as a Software Developer with HDS Companies. He elaborated on the essential skills required for this profession, such as coding, analytical thinking, effective communication, as well as a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of maintaining a work-life balance by engaging in physical activity and social activities outside of work, as working with computers can be a sedentary job.  

Alejandro’s presentation captivated the students, who asked insightful questions. Daniel inquired about how Alejandro balances his professional and personal life, to which he responded that he enjoys playing tennis and learning to play the guitar after work. Another student, Isabella, was curious about Alejandro’s favorite aspect of the computer, to which he responded that software was his preferred area. 

We sincerely appreciate Alejandro’s commitment to mentoring and instructing the HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students about the field of software development.