The HDS Foundation, as part of its College Mentor program, feels a strong connection to University of North Florida’s THRIVE program. When the devastation of Hurricane Irma caused severe flooding to the St. John’s River, the HDS Foundation was right there to lend a helping hand. They reached out to THRIVE and sent over items to help the THRIVE students and program leaders recover and most importantly, stay safe during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

During this hurricane, people in affected areas lost power and accessibility to clean and safe drinking water. Individuals on the ASD spectrum already face many challenges, and adding a devastating hurricane to it, made things even more difficult. Understanding this, the HDS Foundation quickly responded by donating, money, water, and any other essentials that were needed. The HDS Foundation is committed to the wellbeing and safety of UNF’s THRIVE students. We send our heartfelt thoughts and best wishes to all as they start their recovery from this devastating storm.