The HDS College Mentors Program strives to identify the peripheral needs of students living with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related disabilities, who are seeking a College Degree and are living at a University or College Campus. The Program focuses on the guidance and supports needed by the students to achieve success in each of their academic fields.

The Program helps students meet these needs by addressing the social and emotional challenges that interfere with academic learning and creating viable daily activities that mitigate those circumstances and help these individuals build strong interpersonal skills. It further explores the contributions these students can make to become the catalyst of change needed in our society to adapt to differences in learning styles, career structures, and social relationships.

Peer collaboration is one of the most valuable tools available to ease the learning process and navigate social demands. The opportunities for growth via conduits that team up students with ASD with typical students who are of the same age group (who share similar experiences and challenges), and who have different skill sets and ideas is hugely beneficial to this population. All involved benefit significantly from these experiences and grow exponentially in their problem-solving abilities.

The College Mentors Program is both facilitated by the Foundation or can be structured in the form of a grant if the organization has a formal program in place.