The HDS Foundation Social Activities Program (S.A.P.) is a customized, social and life-skills program designed to enhance the lives of young adults who are attending a college or university, living in the dorms or partially independent housing.  The program aims to fill the gap caused by being away from home, difficulty with peer relationships, limited life skills, and at times just feeling lonely and not being able to engage in the important social aspects and relationship(s) building.  SAP is like the BRIDGES program in that it provides similar opportunities for these students, but at a college/university level.

SAP is structured with the collaboration of individuals who have a background in this type of mentoring program and have access to the college student population it aims to assist. Various activities are structured around college life, including creating study hours, tutoring, cleaning, laundry, joining clubs, learning to drive, joining exercise and health-related groups, and planning weekend events are just a few of the kinds of activities that the SAP Program supports via a Grant.    Utilizing various successful strategies, collaborating with the students and their families, and the community at large, SAP opportunities will no doubt provide a positive, growth experience for this group of students who are at a critical stage of transition.

SAP also focuses on skill building in the areas of housing and related daily activities such as cooking, gardening, house handy work, problem solving, community activities and how to access them.