Throughout the next few weeks, the HDS Foundation will be highlighting several students from the Cypress Bay High School and Homestead Senior High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Social Personal Skills Program. We are proud of each student and their accomplishments throughout the school year. We look forward to another successful year with them in 2021.

Today, we’d like to highlight Blake, an 11th-grade student at Cypress Bay High School. Blake enjoys going to school, learning new things, and spending time with his friends. He likes cooking, baking, and helping his mom fold and put away the laundry.

One of Blake’s strengths is socializing and having great conversations with his classmates. He expressed that he is confident when he talks to others and can stay calm and relaxed. Asking questions is a challenge for Blake; he is working to become more assertive and asking questions when he doesn’t understand the subject at hand.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the learning platform for all students, Blake has acclimated well to virtual learning and has thrived through these unprecedented times. Although he enjoys being around his friends at school, he is doing very well in keeping up with his assignments and deadlines. He enjoys the Social Personal Skills (B.R.I.D.G.E.S.) class and has made many friends along the way. He feels that the course has given him various opportunities that have helped him become more independent.

In his spare time, Blake likes to play video games. After high school, his goal is to be a gamer and develop donation streams to raise money for multiple charities. Blake considers himself a talented singer; his dream is to be on American Idol and be recognized for his unique voice.