Last night, the HDS Foundation hosted a successful Parent Meeting with our Homestead Senior High School BRIDGES (Self-Determination Class).  We were happy to have the opportunity to meet the parents and share the programs and resources the foundation has to offer.

The mission of the HDS Foundation is to provide services and resources to the families of teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. The goal of the BRIDGES program is to promote and support initiatives that create independence, employment, and the ability to access safe, affordable housing opportunities as the students transition from high school to post-secondary education.

President and Chairman of HDS Foundation, Cristina Miranda-Gilson shared important information that will help parents plan for their son or daughter’s journey as they prepare for their transition. A few hot topics that parents wanted more information about were: Legal Guardianship, Vocational Rehabilitation, Supplemental Security Income and Technical Schools.

It is important for parents to keep in mind that they play a main role in their child’s success when planning for their transition. Cristina encourages parents and students to create their own Toolbox for Success that includes skills that will benefit them as they move towards independence.  These tools can be found by visiting the HDS Foundation resource page.

We look forward to a successful year with our Homestead Senior High School BRIDGES (Self Determination Class)! If you would like to watch the meeting, click on the video below.