Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry were the decisions the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students had to make for their Community Based Instruction (CBI) at Publix. Students were given the challenge to decide in their individual groups what ingredients they’d want for their ice cream sundaes.

The challenge was this: the group budget was $15.00 with tax included, enough ice cream must be purchased for everyone in the group, and to buy at least 3 toppings. Prior to going out on the CBI, students met in their groups to decide which flavors of ice cream and toppings they all liked. Once they came up with their lists, they had to agree which ones they would be purchasing. Students had to use compromising and negotiating skills to reach their agreement.

After students finished shopping for their ingredients for the ice cream sundae challenge, they headed back to school. This is where the fun began! Students were able to create their own sundaes and even share toppings they purchased with one another.

Each group did a great job staying within their budget and agreeing on the purchases they made for their sundaes. What a great CBI that ended up with a tasty treat!