The HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students had a fantastic time on their Community-Based Instruction (CBI) field trip to the local movie theater to enjoy the movie Stranger World.  Since each student is given a gift card as part of our HDS Grant to use during their weekly CBIs, they all headed first to the concession stand. All the students were able to practice their budgeting abilities by ordering snacks and paying for them with their gift card. 

When they entered the theater, they were all reminded of the skills they had worked on in class and how crucial it was to keep in mind to sit quietly, refrain from using their cellphones, and know how to get an adult’s attention if they needed to use the restroom without disturbing other people who were watching the film. 

After the movie, all the students cleaned up their area and headed back to the bus. They all shared what a wonderful day they had together!