World Autism Day is April 2, 2015.  At HDS we join thousands of companies who will Light it Up Blue #LIUB.  Autism touches most of our lives; either we have a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or know of someone who lives with Autism.  The HDS Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Cristina Miranda, CEO of HDS, Inc. with the mission of supporting Teens and Young Adults with Autism and related disabilities by providing mentoring and work-skill opportunities.  As a parent of a Teen with Autism, this effort is very close to her heart.  These activities are being accomplished via the corporation’s subsidiaries Housing and Development Software and eHousingPlus.

World Autism Day and Autism Awareness Month (April) are special times where we show unity in support of the challenges and struggles this community faces.  But additionally, we celebrate the many gains, the growth in awareness and support of programs that will enrich the lives of these individuals, and a genuine care and desire to help.  At HDS, we’ve been doing our part.  Our staff and families have a better understanding of what an individual living with Autism faces each day, and how they navigate their day to day activities.  Our staff is supportive to local events and fundraising, and one of the reasons why we are making small strides in our mentorship program.

HDS Inc.  is a small business, minority owned (WBENC) software and services company focused in the affordable housing and community development markets.  “Most companies, no matter how small, are in a position to transform the lives of these individuals.  Just making a difference in the life of one person can be enough.  Many small businesses have a need of supportive, office-related work, even if part-time.  Companies have skills they can teach, and provide work experience in order for them to build a work history.  It just takes a little tweaking of the standard practices”   explains Cristina.  “The HDS Foundation will continue to look for opportunities where we can create programs to mentor and facilitate potential business opportunities for this community”.

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