Lucille’s American Café, a Weston restaurant known as a great place for friends to come and enjoy their delicious classic favorites! The B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students got to do just that this past week on their weekly Community Based Instruction (CBI) field trip.

After visiting Bank of America and learning how to use the ATM to deposit a check to replenish their debit card, students now were able to head out on a CBI to enjoy a delicious lunch with their friends! Some of the students ordered homemade chicken soup, hamburgers and macaroni and cheese. But the all-time favorite of most of the students was the chicken tender and fries!

Lunch was certainly enjoyed by all! A few students decided to bring home what they had left to eat for another meal later that day! Conversation took place during and after lunch as they talked about the upcoming cold front making its way to South Florida, new movies, and video games they had played. Once the check arrived, each student had to pay the waiter with their debit card, including tip. They all agreed the service was excellent and the waiter deserved a twenty percent tip!

This CBI, students focused on Budgeting, Independence, Growth, and Social Skills!