At ASDY-Tech, the jobs related program initiated by the HDS Foundation, it isn’t always about work. Sometimes it’s fun and games. During the month of March, the HDS Foundation would like to share with you the hobbies of our ASDY-Tech employees. In today’s blog post we will be sharing what Marco wrote about his favorite hobbies:

While I am not working at HDS, my hobbies are listening to music, going to the gym, going swimming and playing video games. 

I like to listen to music, my favorite genre is hip-hop, R&B, and pop music. Music is the life of everything, it’s in my soul. I enjoyed listening to the radio station while I was a kid. There were no mp3s players and no iPhones at that time; therefore, I would watch music videos on TV. I like to dance, I often dance while I listen to music. I dance at home and sometimes in the clubhouse near my house. Music really makes me feel happy. 

I like to walk around the neighborhood with my headphones on. When I have my headphones, I also love to watch music videos on YouTube. I enjoy watching and listening to different types of YouTube videos.  

Another hobby that I enjoy is working out. I go to the gym every week. I use all the machines such as the treadmill, dumbbells, and dead weights. I try to work out a regular basis and be active. I remember when I went to the YMCA in Charlotte, it was so big and beautiful. At times I do miss the YMCA in Charlotte.  I remember when I went to the YMCA in Charlotte, I walked around the indoor track and would talk to my old friends from high school. I would go to the basketball court at the Y and watch my friends play basketball. When I moved to Florida, I went to a private gym inside the clubhouse where I live.  It is small, but I have a mission to accomplish, and so I continued to work out.  

I also take joy in swimming, I like to go during the summer time when it’s hot. I enjoy getting in the water and relaxing. In the past, during the Spring and Summertime, I usually go to the pool in the afternoons. I like to freestyle and backstroke when I swim. When I don’t swim, I rest in the recliner to dry myself off and get some sun. I usually stay by the pool for at least 2 hours. Swimming is fun, because the water is warm, and I get to relax.  I also use the tube for relaxing in the pool.  

The last hobby that I like to do is play video games.  Playing video games is my favorite hobby to do. I enjoyed playing lots of games when I was a kid. I played a collection of Super Mario games. Sometimes I even played computer games. It was hard work to download games on my computer, but once I did, I enjoyed them very much. Currently, I mostly play video games on the weekend due to my work schedule.  

All four of my hobbies I enjoy very much, but I will continue to try new things and learn new hobbies.