At ASDY-Tech, the jobs related program initiated by the HDS Foundation, it isn’t always about work. Sometimes it’s fun and games. During the month of March, the HDS Foundation would like to share with you the hobbies of our ASDY-Tech employees. In today’s blog post we will be sharing what Mario wrote about his favorite hobbies:

After work, my favorite things are doing jigsaw puzzles, walking, and memorizing. 

White Mountain Puzzles is my favorite puzzle company. They`re located in Jackson, NH. Their pieces are a bit bigger than other puzzle companiesSome of their titles are The Things I Ate AA Aid, That’s Amore, and Best Places In America. They have puzzles from 24-1000pcs, from beginner to advanced levels.  I do 1000 pcs usually, soon I’ll do 2000pcs. It usually takes me 2-3-days, my record is one day which was candy wrappers. I`ve done 10 different puzzles by myself and 2 puzzles with others. My favorite memory is we all did the 1990s puzzle and whenever we watch something, we put it together on the board. I’ve been thinking about doing wacky packages like FedUp instead of FedEx and Toad instead of Tide. 

I go for a walk each day with the goal of 12000 stepsI walk around the mall and back on weekdays and 3 laps around the neighborhood. The most steps I did is 50,567 steps on 7/6/2018 which was bombastic the most steps in a month 335,670 (estimated). 

I have a strong memory, I can tell you the world series champions from 1985-2018 or all 123 professional sports teams. I’ve realized I have a strong memory in Sep.2013. Back in high school the principal forgot the protocol for tardinessI happened to be in the correct timeframe. I like to study things I usually do it on the weekends. Right now, I’m learning acronyms like Government Employee’s Insurance Company (GEICO), National Astronautic Space Association (NASA), high definition media interface (HDMI), wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), and others. 

Those are the main things I do during the day, there are other things I did, however we don’t have enough time to get into it.