At ASDY-Tech, the jobs related program initiated by the HDS Foundation, it isn’t always about work. Sometimes it’s fun and games. During the month of March, the HDS Foundation would like to share with you the hobbies of our ASDY-Tech employees. In today’s blog post we will be sharing what Miguel wrote about his favorite hobbies:

During my free time outside of HDS, I like to walk around the neighborhood, play on my iPad, go out with my family and friends, and watch movies. I have other hobbies, but these are my main ones.

My first hobby that I want to talk about is walking around the neighborhood. I like to do that because it lets me get some exercise, fresh air, and it is fun. I also walk in the park because it is right next to it. 

Second, I like to play on my iPad. I play on it because it keeps me entertained by usually playing Roblox, going on social media, and I watch videos on YouTube. When the battery on my iPad is low, I go on my iPhone. 

Third, I also go out with my family and friends. The reasons why I do so is because I enjoy it very much by going to places such as the park, the movies, and out to dinner. Sometimes we go out on road trips. 

Finally, my last main hobby is watching movies. Usually I watch them in my room, going out to the movie theaters with my family and friends, and I enjoy them so much. And these are all of my main hobbies.